Monday, 22 October 2012

Sticker Resist Chalkboard Pumpkins

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Here's a pumpkin decorating idea perfect for little people - plus working on letter recognition and a fun little painting activity!

Vin decided he wanted to paint his mini pumpkins - I had this tin of chalkboard paint hiding in a cupboard leftover from another project, so I thought it would be fun to make some black pumpkins!

We used sticker foam letters to make out messages - turns out tiny pumpkins aren't designed for long messages, so we had a  couple of 'boo' pumpkins! Once the paint was dried we peeled off the letters to reveal the words underneath. Simple and effective!

I was planning on turning one of our pumpkins into a traditional jack o' lantern face, but you guys know how I can't resist a googly eye... or twenty...


  1. Oh fun. Can you write on the pumpkins? It might be fun to just paint them and draw different faces each day.

  2. Coooool ideas for pumpkins! thanks! -Melissa

  3. Fun idea for paining pumpkins. :)


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