Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Porridge Sensory Play

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Last week I shared 10 First Sensory Experiences for Babies - as I mentioned there, I'm no stranger to letting kids get messy, playing with unusual or unexpected things - but looking after a little baby, still mouthing everything in sight, working on her full fist grasp and just beginning to enjoy exploring her world, and at least one (sometimes two) toddlers at the same time I have had to come up with some simple and safe experiences they can play together. 

I gave the kiddos bowls of dry porridge oats to explore, scoop, run their fingers through. Babygirl clenched fistfuls of the oats (and maybe sucked on a few) while the bigger kids practised their markmaking and played around with the different tools I'd set out. 

After a while the older kids were beginning to lose interest so I suggested they add some water (as you can see, Vin couldn't wait, grabbed his drinking bottle at the first suggestion!) and explore the fun change in consistency. We ended up with a cold sticky gooey porridge to play with - it was fun listening to the older kids talk about how they were making snowmen, then Vin noticed babygirl had made a ball of porridge and was very impressed with her first attempt at a 'snowball'!

This was such a fun time, I'm so glad I managed to include all of the kids in one activity, without feeling like I was having to exclude the little one or monitor the older ones too much! How do you guys with mixed age siblings cope? What are some of your favourite play ideas for a group?


  1. This is a great idea, I'm going to pin it to my baby board as a reminder. My sister also suggested flour for baby play which would work for older kids too and something that worked well for us today was when my toddler was doing 'washing up' water play I gave the baby a damp clean sponge and he enjoyed squeezing it and feeling it etc. thanks for your post it's also fun juggling several ages at once!


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