Monday, 16 July 2012

Icecream Playdough Fun

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Inspire some Summer fun with this Icecream Playdough - I spiked a couple of batches of playdough with vanilla extract, cocoa powder and strawberry essence and pink food dye, laid out a couple of props and some star sprinkles and pretending we were in a seafront icecream parlour rather than grey rainy London!

We had these plastic ice cream cones in with Vinnie's playfood, so I set them out, with some bowls, spoons and an icecream scoop - I love using real tools and props where I can, but I couldn't work out how to use a real cone without it disintegrating. You could always make a cone out of corrugated card if you want to play too!

You can get the recipe for our no-cook playdough here and be sure to check out my Play with Playdough Pinboard for more inspiration! 

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