Friday, 13 July 2012

Heart Collages #readforgood

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Last week on the MeMeTales Readathon #readforgood we read some great books on character development - you can check out the other participant's posts here

We decided to do a little collage activity on kindness and friendship - I wanted to use the stories as a starting point for a conversation with Vinnie, so I cut out some hearts and we sat down together to fill them up...

In one heart we filled it with the names of people we love - I let Vin completely take control of dictating so we have 'Jess the Cat' and 'Ironman' in amongst family and his best friends...

...the other heart we filled with all the words we thought about our friends and family and how we act towards them - I got a bit choked up at Vinnie's suggestions of 'high fives, cuddles and shares' (he also added presents and funny dancing, which cracked me up!)

This was such a sweet little activity, I love how it turned into visual poetry - what would you fill your hearts with?

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