Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Handpainted Flower Pots

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I love anything with a teeny baby handprint on it - I think they make the most special gifts for grandparents and mementos as little ones grow. So when I was asked to create some art for a grandma's birthday I decided to get fingerpainting and make a cute handprint bunch of flowers!

I've had these terracotta pots in the kitchen for a while and had plans to fill them with tomato plants, but before we did that I thought they could do with some colour! I bought some cheap acrylic paints and let the kiddos decorate them. As you can see I was very busy making as neat a handprint as I could with babygirl's tiny hands, so I just left Vin to it, and he created this modern art inspired piece!!

And there you have it, ready to be filled with flowers for a grandma or tomatoes for our kitchen windowledge!

These are for indoor use as we didn't seal them, but plenty of much more knowledgeable people than me have said that they will stand up to life in a garden with a coat of varnish. 

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