Friday, 20 July 2012

Babyplay Balloon Fun

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Here's a really simple idea for a sort of homemade baby gym that even the littlest babies can enjoy. 

String up a line of balloons and sit them or lie them underneath! As you can see I used the bottom of our dining table, but you could use two sturdy chairs or adapt a mobile or existing baby gym. 

(yes, they are Happy Birthday balloons, good thing babies can't read!)

I filled some of the balloons with rice and dried lentils so they would rattle and shake when kicked and swiped at - adding an extra sensory aspect to the playtime.

The would be lovely for crawlers to travel through, you could cover an entire table in balloons and create a magical crawl tunnel!

You might notice I have no pics of babygirl actually playing with the balloons, that is because she hated the whole idea - as you can see my big kid loved it, so I'm not calling it a complete playfail!

p.s. if you like this, you should check out The Imagination Tree's Fibre Optic Sensory Cave!


  1. Great idea--except latex balloons are a choking hazard if they pop and Baby happens to get a piece in her mouth. Please supervise VERY closely!

  2. Totally agree with comment above...if the balloon breaks and gets lodged in a baby or toddlers throat there is no way to get the balloon out. The heimlich maneuver does not work with balloons because of the material. A very dangerous chocking hazard.

  3. they can be covered in tulle and if they burst it is all contained. An Idea shared by the Ooey Gooey Lady.


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