Wednesday, 11 July 2012

5 Ways to do Imaginative Play #readforgood

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The theme this week over on the MeMeTales Readathon #readforgood is Imagination - I think imagination is the most important skill you could give to your kids, but one of the most undernourished too. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination flowing...

1. Play with puppets - this is a great way to practise telling stories, experiment with scenarios and learn new vocabulary like these TP Roll Superheroes'Where the Wild Things Are' Figures or these Three Little Pigs Stick Puppets 

2. Put together a little world for the kids to run wild in - it could be as simple as this Cardboard London, playing with their interests like our Superhero City, or include lots of details to explore like this Small World Farm

3. Set out some props to inspire some role playing fun... we had lots of fun with our Cardboard Pizza, Homemade Wizard Wands and Paper Bakery and none of it cost a penny!

4. Let them explore materials in a totally unstructured way - this is the best way for kids to explore their imaginations. Give them tools and resources, but don't show or tell them how to play - like this box of Loose Parts for Heuristic PlayRecycled Blocks or some unstructured art like these Sticky Tape Sculptures.

5. Take your inspiration from your bedtime reading - you could act out your favourite stories, role play characters, ask 'what if' questions. Check out our 'Tiger Who Came To Tea' Props, Meg and Mog Shadow Puppets and Nursery Rhyme Toys...

...the check out this week's Featured Books over on the MeMeTales app


  1. What great ideas! I love the unstructured play!

  2. I love all of your ideas. I think the pig and wolf puppets are my favorite.

  3. These ideas are so much fun! My 2.5 year old will LOVE making a cardboard city of our hometown. Pinning it.

  4. Wonderful suggestions, Charlotte! We will have to try many of these. :)


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