Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Waldorf Inspired Ribbon Wand

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Outdoor fun with these Waldorf Inspired Ribbon Wands

This week Vin and I are headed to a Summer Festival at a local Waldorf School - the theme is Midsummer and the kiddos will be dressing as fairies, green men and pixies so I thought now was the perfect opportunity to make a little wand for some outdoor play!

I commandeered a stick from Vinnie's collection - oh yes, there were tears! He stopped crying when he got to paint it with green glitter, then I taped on some lengths of ribbon and covered the tape with a leather cord. So quick and simple, but lots of fun to be had. 

I came up with some other ideas while I was looking through some Waldorf ideas, so check back later this week for some more Midsummer fun. 


  1. Love this!! My daughter has quite the stick collection, also :)

  2. This is lovely! Time to raid the kiddos' stick collection...


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