Friday, 15 June 2012

Sensory Play - Discovery Jars

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Discovery Bottles for Preschoolers

Our first attempt at Discovery Bottles - sensory exploration for even the littlest babies and toddlers!

This week I started minding a 6 month old baby girl - having a new baby in the house brought some worries - would I cope with twice a day naps? The alien hold of bottle-feeding? Oh my lord, weaning again. But actually I was mostly thinking toys. Of course I was. 

Having forgotten what it was like to have a six month old - because I haven't slept a full night since Vinnie was six months old - I decided to play it really safe and take it from there which gave me a great excuse to put together some Discovery Bottles. 

The bigger kids have been playing with glowsticks almost daily since I decided it is not at all inappropriate for toddlers to play with rave gear, shot glasses and cocktail shakers found tubes of 20 in the 99p shop (play blogger mecca I tell you). I wanted a way for baby girl to explore the glowsticks but without worrying about her biting through one (in my head six month old babies have rows of teeth and a death wish clearly). The sticks glowed really well, even through the plastic beakers.

We also had a glitter paint jar similar to our Mind Jars - I didn't fill this one to the top so there is the added sloshing around splashy sound (yes I have an English degree, no I don't get to put it into practise often!)

Rice and Magnet Letters - Vinnie loves this one too as it works like a 'Hide and Seek Jar' as he yells out the letters he's discovered - plus it makes a great shaker which all kids love.

This was my attempt at a scent-sory jar - fresh rose petals. I also added a cotton wool pad with a couple of drops of rosewater too but it ended up smelling really chemical-ly - but it did look pretty! You might remember our Rose Scented Concoctions and Rose Petal Sensory Tub from earlier in the year. 

All the kids loved these - regardless of age and you'll definitely be seeing more babyplay ideas round here for the next couple of weeks.

p.s. you might want to check out our Easter Discovery Eggs for more baby-friendly inspiration. 


  1. I must say, you are very much a genius :) love your blog!

  2. These are cute Charlotte! I found them on Tuesday Tots :) I like the idea of using the jar because you can put more (and larger) objects in them. I will have to try these with the little guy! Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

  3. I like the idea of shorter, stouter containers for tinier hands (as opposed to empty pop bottles, etc.). Great ideas!

  4. These are fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing them with Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  5. Love these where did you get the jars they are great?

  6. Hi! I'd love to know where you bought your jars!


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