Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Play Outside - Nature Bracelets

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This week the kiddos and I have been spending plenty of lazy afternoons exploring in the park. Sometimes we just go with it, other days I have a plan or an activity for some of our play. Today we decided to make Nature Bracelets out of found and recycled materials.

I cut a couple of TP roll tubes in half as they're the perfect size for little wrists - then I stuck a roll of sticky dots around the outside, when we got to the park I just whipped off the backing tape and the kiddos got to work filling up their bracelets with leaves, flowers and seedpods. 

So pretty and super simple super fun! 


  1. I've got to try this one. My daisy chain necklace made E cry when I tried to slip it over his head. Summer nature bangles look much more promising. Love it!


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