Monday, 11 June 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

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I am finally getting round to posting our Summer Bucket List - I officially declared 1st June the first day of Summer in our house - and it has rained daily for the last 9 days! 

I love the concept of a Bucket List - you might remember our Advent Calendar full of family traditions and fun childhood memories, this bucket list is our Summer version. 

I came up with a list of 40 things - some of them are big all day endeavours and some can be put together at a moment's notice. I wanted plenty of those things everyone goes misty eyes over when they think of their childhood Summers - berry picking, den building, swimming outdoors, camping etc 

One of the things on our list was to fill a scrapbook - so Vin and I set about decorating this one to fill with our Summer fun...

Our list:

Grow tomatoes
Camp out
Make juice cocktails
Paint icecubes
Go to a street party
Visit the grandparents
Go to the beach
Sports Day
Day of picnics
Go to the Motorsport Show

Visit the theatre
Farmers Market
Release our froggies
Draw shadows
Make lemonade
Go swimming
Send postcards
Visit the zoo
Go berry picking
Village Festival
Make icecream in a jar
Learn about a new country
Roast marshmallows
Go on a bug hunt
Run through sprinklers

Decorate a t-shirt
Explore after dark
Read 10 award-winning books
Visit the Legostore
Take a roll full of photos
Play Pooh Sticks
Visit a castle
Pick wildflowers
Outdoor art
Mudpie kitchen
Build a fort
Watch the sunset
Go to see a live sport event
Make a movie
Send a message in a bottle

... hopefully a lot of fun and a lot of happy memories together! 

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  1. sounds like a fun summer is in store for you!


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