Monday, 25 June 2012

MemeTales Readathon - StickFiggy Makes a Friend #readforgood

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It's Week 2 of the Memetales Readathon - have you signed up yet? Last week 1,256 kids read 12,658 books - all for free on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can check out how to participate here and download the app here

This week's books are on the theme of friendship - and include our favourite... StickFiggy!

StickFiggy is a super cute character with so much personality for such a simple illustration - he gets up to lots of fun  in StickFiggy Makes a Friend with his new pal.

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StickFiggy Make...

Vin is totally captivated by these stories and is really into acting things out at the moment, so I made him a little StickFiggy model out of modelling clay, black wire and a little paper mouth. Of course the story is all about a new friendship with a little chick, so we dug out an Easter Chicky to read the story with us!

We had so much fun recreating stories with our little figures, and Vin loved StickFiggy so much we did another activity that I'll share tomorrow. In the meantime head on over to MemeTales, check them out on Facebook and register for the Readathon to get your free books!

Disclaimer - I did not receive any reward for this post - this is something I support and encourage you to sign up because it's ace! I am a writer for the Memetales Blog, you can check out my first post with them on 4th July. 


  1. Your Stickfiggy is so cute! Brilliant!

  2. I love the little character you made! Looking forward to seeing part 2.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. OMG- my neighbors probably think something is wrong I'm laughing so much! Unbelievably spot-on figures!

  5. That really is one cute little stickfiggy! We have so much fun retelling the story with little figurines. It really brings the story to life and helps with conceptual understanding. :)

  6. You are soooo talented - tiny details. Bet you like Wallace & Grommet? great movies with clay figures - like Chicken Run. Pinned and googled it.

  7. This is so cute! You are quite talented. Love it!

  8. What great fun! I love StickFiggy's boots!


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