Friday, 8 June 2012

Love Books Exchange - Biscuit Bear

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Recently we signed up for the Love Books Summer Book Exchange hosted by The Educator's Spin on It - the idea is you pick a favourite book, put together a craft activity inspired by the story and send it off to your swap partner. We got lucky when we were paired with Taming the Goblin - little Goblin is just a month younger than Vinnie, and I love reading about their fun and adventures!

The story we received was 'Biscuit Bear' by Mini Grey - it is supercute, plus it won the Smarties Gold Award and reading 10 award winning books is one of our Bucket List goals this Summer.

The story is about a little gingerbread bear - so we also received some bear shaped cookie cutters, cookie mix in a jar and a bunch of sprinkles, smarties and edible glitter to decorate our creations with!

The jar of icing sugar says 'Dear Mr Policeman, despite my suspicious appearance I am in fact innocent icing sugar, to be mixed with water and food colouring and placed on biscuits. Yours I.S.' - I actually snorted when I read this!

We also received the bits and pieces to make this Bongo the Dog sock puppet who scares the little Biscuit Bear away - the kids were in full on squeal mode at this!

Vinnie hard at work mixing up our biscuit bears... 

... and some of our finished creations. I can't tell you how much fun this package was, but I think this pic sums it up...

We have our package ready to go, just need to head to the Post Office and send it off tomorrow! I can't wait to see the fun that Taming the Goblin gets up to with our story!


  1. Yey, so glad you liked it, the biscuits look awesome.

  2. Looks Yummy!! Can't wait to get our books!!

  3. Brilliant! They are the best gingerbread biscuits I've ever seen!

  4. Thank you so much for particiapting on our LOVE BOOKS Exchange. It looks like you had so much fun with this book and activities. His smile with his cookie in the best! Thank you also for the great book and package you sent to Taming the Goblin, they LOVE IT.


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