Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lego Car Bowling

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Here's a fun little activity for one of those 'I'm bored and I'm bored RIGHT NOW which means I am so bored I will not even let you get something ready to stop me being bored and even if you do I will find that thing boring too mommy' moments - you know the ones right? 

Lego Car Bowling! 

We already had some drawing paper out so I stacked up a couple of Lego towers and Vin got his racing cars and that was it - knocking stuff down, 'driving' toy cars really fast and a super quick boredom buster is pretty much The Best Thing Ever right now!

What's the first thing you grab when boredom hits your kids?


  1. goblin just saw this over my shoulder and said "Ma play that" - this mornings activities sorted - Thank you kindly!

  2. I have spotted a fatal flaw in this awesome game - Goblin can't set the pins up himself which makes it VERY interactive - not great at 7am before my coffee has kicked in. Maybe one to do later in the day

  3. Hahaha, This is a great Idea and pretty much covers off all our favourite things, Lego, Cars and and knocking things over. Nice one! I can see this getting out of hand very quickly. Can't wait to give it a go when they wake up. Thanks.

  4. LOVE this idea - and I have some kiddos who will, too! Thanks!!!


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