Thursday, 28 June 2012

Homemade Icecream in a Jar

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Oh boy, it is hot again here in London - it's that awful kind of humid where you just sweat and there's not even any sun! To cool us down and cheer us up I thought we'd cross something off our Bucket List and make Icecream in a Jar!

Here's how we did it...

Rock Salt
Vanilla Extract
Ziploc Bags
Jars (we started off with these little jam jars, but I don't think they gave enough space to churn up the cream when I added the icecubes, so we swapped out for a big tupperware tub in the end!)

1. Test, smell, taste and touch your ingredients - this is a sensory exercise after all!
2. Pour your cream into your ziploc, add a splash of vanilla and a tablespoon of sugar

3. Slosh the bag around a bit to mix up the ingredients

4. Put the ice in your jar and add the salt - you need enough that the ice starts to crush and melt a little. Shake the jar around a bit to start the process

5.  Put your sealed bag of cream into the jar with the ice and shake shake shake

6. After about 5-10 mins (by which time the kids will have abandoned the activity and will have left you shaking!) unzip your bag of icecream - grab a spoon and dig in!

I'm not sure this would pass any 'proper' icecream tests, but I hope this pic is testimonial enough...


  1. Uh-mazing idea! We've made ice cream in Ziploc bags before but I love the idea of using a jar! Adding to our bucket list!

  2. I love the jar idea to save their little hands from getting to cold and wet! Thanks for sharing. We'll be adding this to our Ice Cream King Playdate for sure! Here's some more ideas for ice cream fun...

  3. Very good idea! Thanks for sharing! x


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