Monday, 4 June 2012

Beach Small World

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Hey friends, thanks for hanging with me while I was missing in action last week - I'd like to tell you we were up to lots of fun adventures, but it was a lot more boring than that!

Anyway, I figured given the lovely weather we were having, it was time to put together a little beach small world for the kiddos to play with. It's very similar to our Seaside Small World we made back in January, when I was craving some sunshine!

We have a tray full of moonsand, fuzzy felt underwater shapes, plastic sea creatures, cocktail umbrellas, shot glasses and spoons in lieu of bucket and spade and some little people enjoying the sun!

Visiting a real beach is on our bucket list this year (I will share that later on in the week) but in the meantime a little sensory play will keep us busy and sandy!

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  1. good to see you back at it. hope the weather gets better again, indoor beaches are very appropriate for he weather


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