Saturday, 12 May 2012

Waterbeads Alphabet Soup

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Preschool Literacy Activities

After we had some letter recognition fun with our Alphabet Soup last week, I decided to change it up a bit. I kept the sensory aspect, but changed out the rice for waterbeads and swapped the magnet letters for these foam Alphablocks we got free with Cbeebies magazine recently. 

Preschool Sensory and Literacy Ideas

The kids had lots of fun pouring and scooping and burying the blocks. I set out some tongs and the shot glasses we've been playing with our waterbeads and one by one Vin would pick out a letter with the tongs and place each letter into a glass and tell me what letter it was. 

Letter Recognition in Preschool

This was very fun and simple to put together. If you don't have waterbeads you can use any other sensory filler - rice, shaving foam, jelly, water, goop - the messy fun is the important part, the letter learning is incidental!


  1. A really great idea, I was needing a good idea for the alphablocks.

  2. I love your creative uses of waterbeads. You are getting me inspired to pull out our waterbeads again!


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