Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tadpole Fishing Sensory Tub

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Pond Themed Sensory Tub

If you follow us on Facebook you might have seen we have some tadpoles visiting for a while. Vinnie is absolutely transfixed watching them and wants to 'check on them' several times a day...

Keeping Tadpoles as Pets

...he's been so good about not touching them or the tank but I can tell it is taking all his resolve not to stick his hand in and swish them around a bit (he is only 2.5 afterall!) So I came up with a solution - a Tadpole Themed Sensory Tub for all the fishing swishing and splashing he desires!

Fishing For Tadpoles Sensory Play

I made our pretend tadpoles out of black beads with little triangles of material pulled through, then set them in a tub with a little tub of waterbeads to represent frogspawn, some rocks and sticks, a couple of 'lily pads' cut off one of our houseplants and a plastic frog. I filled the tub with water and added a magnifying glass and a tea strainer to act as a fishing net and we were all set to play.

Tadpoles Fishing for Preschoolers

Even pretend tadpoles are slippery little things to catch!

Pond Themed Unit for Preschool

Have you ever kept tadpoles? Do you have any tips for us? I'm so nervous we'll wake up one morning to a bunch of frogs hopping round the room!


  1. I've never kept tadpoles but would love to. How did you come across them? I love this idea. I will have to try it with my little ones. Hey the big ones might have to try it as well it sounds really fun. Come by and see us.

  2. Wow!My older girls would LOVE this! Where did you get the tadpoles? Did you catch them?

  3. This is awesome. The real ones are so difficult to catch - not that I'd be letting my toddler try!

  4. Love the tadpoles - awesome

  5. This is genius! We aren't allowed to catch and keep tadpoles in our state, I never thought to MAKE my own though! Fabulous idea, can't wait to try it.

  6. My girl Loves to watch tadpoles but is bit scared to catch them;-) Love your idea of making fake tadpoles to play with. We will have to try them.
    Thanks for sharing your idea with us on 'The Kids Co-op'!!

  7. Love your homemade tadpoles! I'll need to make some with my girls : )

  8. Charlotte,
    Just a courtesy note to let you know I have pinned your "Tadpole Fishing Sensory Tub" post to a pinterest board with a collection of learning resources to complement the “Pocket Frogs” app. You will find lesson ideas, learning activities and reviews for a range of apps on my boards. If you have other posts suitable for this or other boards I am compiling, you are welcome to email me. You can view my boards at
    Warm Regards


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