Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sticky Tape Sculptures

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After I finished writing 100 Ways to Have Fun For Free last week - I had to put it into practise one rainy morning without any activities planned for the kiddos. I did my usual trick of rummaging through the recycling and the DIY cupboard (two of my go-to places for inspiration - others being the back of the kitchen cupboards and the bathroom!) and here's what I came up with. 

Several bits and pieces destined for the bin and a couple of rolls of colourful electrical tape. And here's what the kiddos came up with...

The agenda was, stick down anything that moves, then stick it again 
(and again and again till you've run out of tape!)

Simple, fun and best of all - free!

What's your go-to for fun when you don't want to spend any money?


  1. we do the same as you..our craft cabinet and recycling bin... sometimes we go outside and look for interesting leaves, flowers, sticks, rocks, etc. fun post! what do you do with these afterward? i always have such guilt when i think about dismantling they end up on shelves all over the place

  2. I give them wrapping paper scraps,leftover ribbon and yarn, tpae and turn them loose. They cut it, glue it, wrap toys, write on it, make cards from it and rip it.


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