Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Montessori Sound Matching Game

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Montessori Sound Matching Game

Here's a simple Montessori Inspired Game to develop your preschoolers sense of hearing - a Montessori Sound  Matching Game

Montessori Activities for Preschool

We've had these plastic eggs in our music box for a while, but we finally got enough to make a decent game out of - you could use babyfood jars or all those Easter Eggs you've probably got still lying around - just make sure you can't see the contents (as you can see one of our eggs is a different colour, guess we'll have to crack open another set of Kinder Eggs!)

You will need an even amount of containers, then fill the containers so you have two of each sound - we used pennies, rice, unpopped corn amd sugar to get a variety of sounds - get your older child to help choose the fillings to make this game more meaningful (another Montessori element getting your kiddos involved in preppibg activities, especially using everyday objects). You might want to seal up your containers with tape or glue. 

Montessori Sound Game

We added a 'control of error' - a Montessori self-checking tool - with coloured dots on the underneath of our eggs. This way once the kiddos have made their match they can check if they were right or work out where they went wrong (much more useful than an adult just pointing out your mistakes!) 

Montessori Ideas for Preschool

Then the kids shake them up, find another matching sound and make a pair - so simple, yet working on a sense we don't often 'play with'. 

For older children you can make a variety of eggs, making smaller differences in the sounds - for example eggs filled with sugar and coarse salt sound very similar and require greater concentration.

For younger babies just let them explore their ability to make sounds, roll and drop with the eggs which fit better in their little hands than a tambourine or traditional shop bought shaker (do tape up the sides and supervise though!)

Montessori Games and Activities

So there you have it - a simple Montessori game, using household items and a new skill to work on! What's your favourite way to play with the sense of sound?


  1. Oooh I remember adding this to the Kinder Egg Capsule Craft round and thought it was very clever! You did a lovely job of making a set!



  2. What I great idea. We did a lot of with plastic eggs right after Easter. It's great to have another idea to add to the mix. My toddler loves exploring sound so this will be really fun for him.

  3. I tried this at Easter with Goblin using plastic eggs. He had absolutely no interest in matching sounds, he just wanted to open all the eggs. Glad you had more success with Vinnie

  4. That's a great way to use the eggs and looks a lot of fun.

  5. Man - I sure wish I could get my hands on some of those Kinder Eggs! What a cool sensory activity. Love the way they can self-check, too. Thanks again for linking up with the Kids Co-Op this week. :)


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