Monday, 21 May 2012

A Little Bug Hunting Kit

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Bug Hunting Kit

Put together a kit full of supplies then join your kiddo on a bug hunt for some outdoor nature fun!

Bug Books for Preschoolers

This weekend Vinnie requested we go Bug Hunting in the park with his friend little A. I'm always excited when he comes up with ideas for playtimes on his own, so I was more than happy to oblige. We headed to the library to pick up some bug books, then I put together a bag full of supplies for our adventures. 

We had a magnifying glass that we've been using to observe the tadpoles, tongs, some wooden splints, record cards and a pen and a jar for collecting our new friends. Little A decided he was bringing his binoculars on our trip ('good for looking' apparently!) so I made Vinnie a pair from some TP rolls and electrical tape. 

DIY Bug Hunt Tools

I'm kind of gutted you can't really see our find in this jar - it was a really huge beetle, orange with black wingcases (D informs me it was probably an August Beetle)

We had such fun on our little expedition - I think this is one of those classic childhood activities that Summer memories are made of right?

Bug Hunt for Preschool

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