Saturday, 5 May 2012

Early Literacy Activity - Alphabet Soup

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Literacy Activities for Preschoolers
Alphabet Soup Literacy Activity

Here's a fun and simple literacy activity
working on letter recognition, sensory play and learning phonics

One of the things we are always told as our children are learning pre-reading skills is to create a 'print rich' home - but short of sticking signs on everything (door, toybox, loo roll) I was a bit stumped as to what this meant. 

Letter Recognition Activities

Vinnie has always loved playing with his magnetic letters, so I decided to keep them constantly available and to use them in more playtimes. I set out the letters he is confident with, plus one or two extra ones he has yet to learn in a bowl, along with some little metal cookie cutters in the capital versions of each letter. I popped them next to the rice tray, with our usual sensory play tools and let the kiddos discover them and decided what to do. And Alphabet Soup was born...

Letter Learning Sensory Tub for Toddlers

At first they just explored as they would any sensory tray, running their fingers through, burying the letters, scooping and pouring, but after a while Vin started mentioning which letters he was burying or discovering. As he picked out each letter I had a magnetic whiteboard with the letters written on it, where he could match them up if he wanted to (or pretend to eat them, which he did a lot!)

Literacy Sensory Tub for Preschool
P Soup - get it?!
We had such a lovely playtime later this day too, when Vin pulled out the tray before bed and mommy and daddy both sat down to play as well. It was lovely seeing Vinnie confident with the letters and showing his dad what to do as well ('now feed me the 'o' daddy, feed me!')

Literacy Ideas for Preschool

You might have noticed there is always a lot of Sensory Play going on round here, and I have talked about using your child's interests and phases to your advantage before whether it's teaching Letters with Dinosaurs, making maths fun or practising fine motor skills without crayons - the key is to observe your child, let yourself be inspired by them (not the other way round) and work on things they already find fun. 

ps check out this great little post from I Can Teach my Child based on learning based on your child's interests.

Learning Letters for 2 and 3 Year Olds
Make learning fun using your child's interests and phases


  1. This looks delicious! My kids love making up long, long nonsense words with their letters and then giggle till they hiccup when I attempt to read them out.

  2. Aw, I love it! This is great :)

  3. so fun! i like the idea of sort of sifting the letters out of the bin. i'd love it if you linked this up at my tip-toe thru tuesday party this week!

  4. I love the pretend son pretends to eat any kind of sensory bin items if he has a spoon in it! :) Pinning this to use with my little guy when he gets ready for some alphabet fun!

  5. This is a fab idea!!! Where can I get lower case magnetic magnetics like that? What fun!

  6. Good for your for following your child's lead. You're such a great mom!

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