Sunday, 27 May 2012

A City - Invitation to Play

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Apologies that posts have been a little thin on the ground this week friends, we have been so busy enjoying the warm weather, having water fights and making fruit popsicles I've been entirely too wiped out by the end of the day!

Here's a little invitation I set up for quiet time one day this week - I taped a long strip of drawing paper onto the floor, then added electrical tape 'roads' (like we did with our Masking Tape Racetrack

I built a few buildings from Lego, then left a big pile at the edge so the kiddos could get to work building some more creations if they were inspired to.

I left out a bunch of markers too, to add features to our city - we had a pond and a sandpit for the diggers to work in in no time!

I left the set-up out after their initial playtime had moved on, and sure enough each time I walked in throughout the day, something new had been added or moved.

We've built cities and roads a couple of times before, you can check out our Cardboard LondonRailway Metropolis and Tabletop Road too!


  1. This looks fun, Charlotte! Such a simple set-up to provide hours of play!

  2. That's got to get their minds racing other than cars, I bet it sets them thinking about things.

  3. Oh, FUN!! I will have to keep this in mind for our long summer days!

  4. so much Fun!!!
    In my school we had a unit 'going Places" and we created our own city with my kids. Here is a video link
    Plus we created puppets for all of us, so we could use them in our city
    And vehicle were created by the students
    Little People Learn

  5. what a fun idea! we might have to try this sometime! added it to my legos and wheels boards!


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