Thursday, 24 May 2012

Captain America Ice Play

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Oh boy, it sure is hot here in London. We have been keeping cool with lots of water and iceplay and I'm having to keep coming up with new ways for it to be fun. From watering the flowers, food colouring, bubbles... and now, a Captain America sensory tub.

Vin hasn't actually seen The Avengers, ut we have Ultimate Avengers the cartoon version, and he is really into Captain America right now. At the beginning of the film the team rescue Captain America who has been frozen in a glacier for 70 years - so I thought this was a good excuse to work in some iceplay.

I wanted to actually freeze Captain America in a slab of ice, but had visions of Vin screaming and yelling as I tried to chip his beloved action figure out, so I just surrounded him with ice cubes, added a few army men, diggers and a helicopter to survey the scene...

We had a lot of fun playing with this set-up, I'm thinking about more ways to incorporate favourite toys in our water and iceplay if this sunshine continues!

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  1. Love your post today! it is hot isn't it in London! I am in Putney where are you?xclynda


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