Thursday, 10 May 2012

100 Ways to Have Fun For Free

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Hey friends, it's been a while since I worked on a big round-up post. There is so much inspiration out there in the world, on Pinterest and in the blogosphere but it can get overwhelming, sometimes you just want a list you can refer to in a hurry, without any pre-planning, money spent or too much effort on your part. So my friends, I give you... One Hundred Ways to Have Fun For Free

1.     Play in the park

2.     Paint

3.     Play with Playdough

4.     Build a Fort
5.     Bake cookies

6.     Play with Blocks

7.     Play with Ice
8.     Have a Bath
9.     Dress-Up

11. Play Instruments
12. Waterplay

13. Colour In
14. Dance

16. Scavenger Hunt
17. Movie Night
18. Nature Walk

20. Play Hide & Seek
21. Play Tag

22. Build a Den
26. Play Pretend
27. Lie in the Grass
28. Daydream
29. Sing

30. Make Animal Noises
33. Ride a Bike
34. Climb a Tree
35. Get Messy

37. Read a Story

40. Write on a computer
41. Post a letter

42. Make Confetti with a Hole Punch
43. Give a doll a bath
44. Make Mud Pies

45. Plant a Seed
46. Go on a Bug Hunt
47. Hide in a Pile of Leaves
48. Play Ball

49. Dig in the Sand

52. Sew

54. Count
55. Draw on the Fridge

57. Play with a Dictaphone
58. Make a Movie
59. Colour in 3D
60. Make a Hat
61. Take Photos

62. Build a Tower
65. Go to the Library
66. Visit a Museum
67. Paint a Portrait
68. Learn Words in a New Language
69. Spin Around till you fall down

71. Role Play

72. Explore With your Toes
73. Visit a Garden Centre

75. Make Footprints

76. Jump in Puddles
77. Jump on the Bed
78. Roll Down a Hill
79. Start a Collection

80. Create a Monster
81. Perfect your Roar
82. Eat Dinner Picnic Style
83. Throw a Teddy Bear Tea Party
84. Cut up a picture to make a Jigsaw

86. Open a dictionary at any random word, use as basis for a project/poem/picture
87. Phone your Grandparents
88. Tell a Joke

90. Cuddle

91. Wrap Presents
92. Get out the Christmas Decorations
93. Play Balloon Tennis
94. Blow Bubbles
95. Make a Paper Mache Sculpture
96. Give a Massage
97. Press Leaves and Flowers
99. Draw Tattoos on your Arms


  1. this is like a cool check list of stuff I must do with my child. Pen at the ready - lets gooooooo!

  2. Thank you for this list! Summer break is coming and i have 4 kids to keep entertained! :)

  3. Dressing up is the favorite right now. Unfortunately, it is no longer free as Bobo has discovered Internet shopping, LOL. Thanks for the movie idea. My twin 13-year-old brothers made a movie with their friends, and it was hilarious. I had forgotten all about it.

  4. great list! you really put some work into this!

  5. thank you for the list.. cant wait to do that. I also featured it on my blog. Please come and see :)

  6. Oh my goodness Charlotte this list is AWESOME! I'll be coming back again and again!


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