Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sensory Painting with Tea

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Preschool Sensory Play Painting with Tea
sensory painting with tea

While we were doing our Spice Painting last week, I noticed how the herbal tea infusions we were using started to turn the glue purple and red colours and was inspired to try a new type of painting.

Sensory Painting with Tea

I brewed a couple of different types of infusion - Ginger & Lemon, Cranberry & Raspberry, Blackberry & Blueberry and Earl Grey with Rose - and let them get completely cold, then we started painting...

Preschool Painting Activities

The effect was similar to watercolours, very dreamy and pastel. We used the string on the teabags to drip onto our paper and had blueish purple, pink and yellow tones.

Toddler Painting with Teabags

Since this was such a sensory experiment too the kiddos smelled and tasted each cup - they were really not keen on the Lemon & Ginger!

Teabag Painting for Preschoolers

These painting sessions have got me looking round the kitchen to see what else we could explore with. Potato printing of course, maybe coloured milk?

And I've always been tempted to use asparagus stems as paintbrushes - watch this space!


  1. hmmm... i'll have to check the grocery store for colored teas. i love the idea of using natural products to paint with.

  2. Sounds lovely! We do the celery,turns out beautiful. Also cut onion into half horizontally and it makes lovely prints,too ;)

  3. What a great idea! We will have to try that! I love doing art with food! I like using carrots as paintbrushes!

  4. This looks fun. We've used tea bags to make old looking pirate maps, but not just for painting. Great idea!

  5. Wow! I never thought tea bags can also be used to make fine paintings.
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