Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Playdough Carrots & Other Creative Ideas for Easter Baskets

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Playdough Carrots Easter Baskets

This is the first year I'm putting together a proper Easter Basket for Vinnie... I was soo excited till I thought about what to actually put in it. Chocolate of course... and then what? I'm not big on just loading up with sugar and as a perpetual de-clutterer I didn't want loads of extra stuff lying around. So I decided to get creative and take some inspiration from around the blogosphere (make sure to read right to the bottom where I share some other great ideas from some of my fave blogs).

Creative Ideas for Easter Baskets

Our carrot was inspired by this one from Modern Parents Messy Kids - she uses homemade silly putty, but since one of the ingredients is hard to find over here (and potentially toxic) we went for an orange playdough instead. I used a disposable piping bag and tied the top shut with green ribbon, you can buy special 'treat cones' or improvise with some cello wrap!

Creative fillers for Easter Baskets

We also have... Easter Cookie Cutters, perfect for playing along with the playdough, crayons, chalks, felt decorations.

I had planned to mix up some bubble solution and fill a plastic egg with it, but I realised at the last minute my eggs had teeny holes in each end - luckily I found some bunny bubbles in the supermarket, you could always pick up a regular tube of bubbles, tear off the label and decorate with a cute sticker.

I didn't manage to get them in shot, but each pail has a packet of carrot seeds in - I love the idea of keeping the magic of the season going long after the chocolate has been eaten!

Easter Bunny Eggs

I'm not entirely adverse to a bit of sugar-fuelling - so I came up with some silly ideas to fill our eggs...

Easter Bunny Poop

Jelly Bean Easter Bunny 'Eggs', Marshmallow Bunny 'Tails' and chocolate covered raisins for (ahem) Easter Bunny 'Droppings' (don't judge me, I grew up with lots of brothers!!)

Creative Ideas for Easter

Need more ideas? Keep reading my friends...

Legos & Playmobil inspired by Bit of Momsense - a couple of those little kits, unassembled would fit into the bigger plastic eggs and keep the kiddos busy during the inevitable sugar crash!

Books - Rainy Day Mum has a great selection of Easter Book Recommendations to check out

Fill with coloured sand and poly pellets to make these Fancy Shaker Eggs from Mama Smiles

Craft Foam Stickers like these ones from The Imagination Tree

Sidewalk Chalk

Homemade Moon Sand

Window Markers

Waterbeads like this post from Modern Parents Messy Kids

Bouncy Balls

If you can find eggs with no holes in  - fill with paint like we did in our Egg Crack Painting

If you're not into our carrot idea, fill a few little eggs with brightly coloured Homemade Playdough


Perfect for little hands, our Easter Discovery Eggs for babies and young toddlers. Also check out this great post from The Educator's Spin on It on Baby & Toddler Easter Baskets (especially love the finger food suggestion!)

Rainbow Rice

DIY Watercolour Paints from Happy Hooligans

Felt/ Knitted Finger Puppets


Kid-Size Gardening Tools

Bubble Bath Paint  from Meet the Dubiens

Easter Bunny Droppings

What are your kiddos going to find when they go hunting at the weekend?


  1. This is great! So cute and I love the play dough carrot idea! I will be using that one next year when the babes is old enough :)

  2. I am inspired Charlotte, I'm of to go create orange playdough for this adorable carrot! Thanks for including our ideas for babies and toddler Easter Baskets.

  3. Archer LOVES his Easter basket! Chocolate raisin droppings already demolished and I only pinched 2! Thanku for such a lovely gift and for the playdate today xx

  4. Ooooh, I love these ideas, especially the orange play dough. Always looking for fun things to put in their Easter baskets that aren't all candy. Thanks, Charlotte!

  5. Great ideas for filling up the eggs!! Those would be fun to find! I filled ours up with foam stickers since my little guys can't eat little candies yet!

  6. What a really nice blog with lots of great ideas, well done. I'm A & J's Granma so heard all about the fun they had with their Easter bucket.

  7. Thanks for including Bit of Momsense in your links!

    I love your cute basket ideas and the carrot playdough is blowing my mind!

  8. Fun ideas! M son would get such a kick out of the plastic Easter egg ideas! His favorite word is poopie so I completely understand the whole growing up with brothers!

  9. Great Easter basket ideas. The bunny poop is too funny! I'm doing an Easter link up today over on my blog... Would love it if you joined us!

  10. That play dough carrot is too cute! I will be making one next year!

  11. bunny droppings....hilarious! I have a 2" toy cow that, when pushed, will 'poop' = brown jelly beans. My boys get a kick out of it!!

    We'll be giving pennies in our eggs to the cousins! Plus we'll be making some crafts with the preschoolers as listed on our activity blog about Busy Bags. Thanks for posting. (p.s. found you via the link party at Carrots are Orange!)


  12. Love the carrot play-dough idea!! Great alternative to candy! Great posts! Lots of ideas... thank you!

  13. What fantastic basket fillers! These would make a great classroom basket filler or as gifts for little friends.

  14. What a super fun basket. I love to have one of these!

  15. Our family is heading to Disney for the first time this summer so I went onto ebay and bought an entire lot of Disney trading pins to put in our plastic eggs this year.


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