Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Loose Parts for Heuristic Play

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I've been putting together a box of 'loose parts' for our playtimes this week. I have alwasy had this kind of stuff lying around, in my craft stash or project boxes, btu I never thought to just leave it out and see what they get used for until I saw this post over at Childhood 101 about loose parts for imaginative and creative play.

We had this giant Lego storage box I thought would be perfect, the holes in the lid make great little compartments for all our odds and ends. The point of this is to use regular stuff in creative ways, so I just raided the craft stash, recycling and nature box.

We had golf tees, cotton reels, bottle lids, sponge pieces, plastic eggs, pinecones, seashells, magnetic letters and animal cookie cutters. After I took the pics I added some polystyrene trays and cardboard tubes from the recycling too.

So far they've been used to make funky alien models and teetering towers... I can't wait to see how they get used in our playtimes to come!


  1. Lovely idea, Charlotte. Who doesn't have bits and bobs lying around? I like the idea of presenting them all in little sections, I could easily use a muffin tin or recycled packaging for this. On our list of things to do. Thanks! Debs

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    1. I love repurposing materials, and giving old toys new life. This activity does both those things :)

  3. This is a gorgeous idea. My child care centre just asked us to collect and bring in bits and pieces for heuristic play. Can't believe I'd never heard of it before and I only finished my ECE degree four years ago!

  4. You put together some goodies. My 9-yr old especially loves this kind of play.
    Thanks for sharing with the Kids Co-op :)


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