Monday, 2 April 2012

'Little Cloud' By Eric Carle Felt Boards

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'Little Cloud' Eric Carle Felt Board
'Little Cloud' by Eric Carle
We've been doing a lot of playing with clouds recently, since Vin is so in love with 'Little Cloud' by Eric Carle at the moment. While I was sick a couple of weeks ago I put together a little felt board for him to re-tell the story...

Homemade Felt Board for Preschoolers

'Little cloud touched the tops of the trees and houses...'

DIY felt board for toddlers

Here Little Cloud changes into a bunny and a hat and what appears to be a turtle (but is really a sheep)

'Little Cloud' Preschool Activities

'then all the clouds became one big cloud and... rained'

Re-telling stories is a great exercise in memory and comprehension as well as a pre-reading skill. Acting out stories with puppets or props, drawing pictures or putting together a sensory tub inspired by a favourite book are some of our favourite ways to play. You can check out our other Exploring the Story playtimes and I pin over at this great collaborative board - Child's Book Related Crafts & Activities.


  1. Little kids looooove felt stories! And it's so easy to make felt props. It always makes me feel like I'm so creative! ;)

  2. I pinned this. I love the idea of making felt shapes to go with the book.

  3. I love this felt board story! Awesome activity for storytelling!

  4. We love The Little Cloud ever since we saw a stage show version of it and The Hungry Caterpillar. It was amazing. I've just got into making felt boards so will definitely be trying this one out.

  5. Love the book, love felt win. Thank you for sharing...


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