Saturday, 14 April 2012

Investigating Mixing with Flour Paste

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Preschool Science Activity
Exploring with Flour Goop
This week we've been doing some science-type experiments and one of our investigations was looking at how ingredients (paint, water, kitchen ingredients etc) mix together.

I gave Vin a tub of flour and a jug of water and a bunch of scoops, spoons and seives to explore with. He mixed them into a gloopy paste (and then added a tub of plastic letters for some reason!)

As you can see from the outfit change we did this a couple of times, such simple messy fun to be had - incorporating sensory play, curiosity, invetigation, maths and the addition of the letters means I could probably pass this off as a literacy letter recognition activity too!

How do your kiddos like to explore?


  1. You are so brave, I am terrified of the mess that my two could make ;)

    With it being Easter hols we spent the last week being very crafty, a bit of home made playdough, sticking and paint and we all had such fun, I have definitely been inspired to try more by reading about yours and Vins experiments but will just start small I think xxx

  2. now this is what i'm talking about!!! we like this type of mess. it's so neat because depending upon which ingredient he adds, the outcome will change. brilliant.

  3. This looks like so much fun, I know my girls would love this!! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Lovely messy fun. And you're right, adding in the letters *is* a great way to encourage literacy of course. My 5yr old learnt most of her letters by playing families with our alphabet fridge magnets.


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