Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Glowsticks & Shot Glasses with Waterbeads

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Glowsticks and Waterbeads
glowsticks and shotglasses in the waterbeads

When Vin's little friend A came for a playdate last week he bought us some goodies, amongst them a pack of glowsticks and some clear shot glasses - I love the fact that they were probably destined for a life of partying and adult fun and instead ended up in our sensory tray full of waterbeads instead!

Exploring light and shadows with waterbeads

While we were playing this morning I remembered this post from Imagination Tree where they used fluorescent glasses to explore light and coloured shadows, I moved our playtime to the top of the bookshelf where the morning sunshine added another dimension to our fun.

Preschool Early Years Exploration with Waterbeads
colourful shadows with waterbeads

I talked about how playtime doesn't need to be flashy and super fantastic in our last post about waterbeads, I think this proves it. A few plastic cups added a whole new sensory experience, we stacked them, made shapes, filled them, explored them upsidedown and right way up, moved them around to cast shadows... so much open ended exploration!

Toddler Exploration with Light and Shadows
exploring light and shadows

The glowsticks too - we have used them a couple of times before but I never seem to find them especially when I want them for a 'project' - mostly Vin liked making circles with them, then using more to make each circle bigger. They looked amazing against the backdrop of blue and green waterbeads, the light shone through some of the beads and created a lovely effect!

Glowsticks and waterbead exploration for early years
glowsticks and waterbeads

How do you like to explore with unexpected things?


  1. I haven't come across water beads in Australia but this looks like lots of fun.

  2. New discoveries are always age-appropriate and can build vocabulary, Science and Math skills unexpectedly:)

  3. So fun! We just bought little colored glasses like this AND waterbeads! Will have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing at the Weekly Kid's Co-op! :)

  4. This looks so beautiful! I love the added dimension of the sunlight and shot glasses. I'm featuring this on my blog today as one of my faves from last week's Weekly Kids Co-op. Thanks for linking up and sharing this great idea.


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