Monday, 16 April 2012

Egg Box Caterpillar - Tinkerlab Creative Challenge

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft Activity

(oh man, I can't believe I actually did this - I wrote this post for a week ago, then hit 'save' instead of 'publish, I only just realised six days later - blogger fail!!)

We're so excited to be taking part in Tinkerlab's creative challenge - every two months a different medium or material is announced, then it's off with your imaginations to create something fun! This month's challenge is egg boxes!

I handed an egg box to Vin and asked what he thought we could do with it, I was expecting him to say a dinosaur and was mentally planning our project... then he tells me he wants a caterpillar... oh, right, ok son!

I cut up our egg box and he painted it with poster paints while I cut out some felt antennae and eyes - this was such a quick a simple project, perfect for an impatient 2.5yo!

Check out Tinkerlab's post for a linky full of creative egg box ideas!!


  1. Definitely worth waiting for! Very cute.

  2. Great job- don't you just love Eric Carle?

  3. How cute! Love it!

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