Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Colour Mix Science

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Colour Mixing for Preschoolers
Colour Mixing for Preschoolers
This week we have been doing some science-y type experiments exploring mixing ingredients to see what happens. While we were painting one afternoon I thought this was a good time to introduce the concept of colour mixing to Vinnie.

Colour mixing for toddlers

I'd seen this colour mixing with hands over at The Golden Gleam but I wasn't sure if Vin would be up for it - somedays he refuses to get his hands messy, others he is practically rolling in the paint! As you can see, he was well up for it today!

Preschool Art Activities

One colour on each hand, then he rubs his hands together to make a new colour. I love that this is such a tactile sensory experience - truly hands on learning. It really worked too, he was so amazed at making purple he has tried it over and over with different art supplies.

Colour Mixing Early Years Activities
I put a thumbprint at the top of each page to refer to when we look over our experimental art another day - for now they are hanging on the living room door.

We're really getting into the swing of science and investigations now - I had held off a lot of things because science was a major weak spot for me at school, I think I had formed some sort of mental block! Now we're always looking for more experiments and investigations to do - what are your kiddos favourite ways to explore science?


  1. Oh my goodness, we did this last year with our playschool children! We read the little book, Mouse Paint, and then mixed colors on hands!!

    I posted at Let the Children Play :

  2. I love the mess and I'm sure he did too! The thumbprints are a great reference point.

  3. This is an awesome idea - our Zoom loves paint and I look forward to trying this when he's a little older. I'd love to have you share this on my link party - it's for kids crafts :)

  4. looks like he had fun! you made "preschool brown"!!! Bear loves to mix colors. we've put different colors in a ziploc bag and smushed them together. he loved it because it felt gross!

  5. Mixing colours using your hands...genius! I love how Vin is trying it with other art materials. Thanks for linking this to the Kids Co-op!

  6. Love it!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you are having an amazing week!


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