Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Weather Play Blog-Hop & a Linky

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So, it seems there are a lot of linkies going on around these parts, but that's ok because that just means more play inspiration for you guys right?

We're hooking up with: 

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You would not believe the joy this household experienced at the arrival of a box of foam packing peanuts... (there was a teapot inside the box too, but not nearly as fun!) Vin instantly decided they were clouds, so I set them in a big cloud-shaped pile on our playmat to explore...

...which led to this! I quickly rethought my gameplan and turned it into a sensory tub instead...

I cut out some foam and felt raindrops to hunt for amongst the clouds and some bowls and tongs to scoop and sort with - then the kiddos got to work chucking everything out again

Vin was really into this tub so I picked up 'Little Cloud by Eric Carle' to read at beddtime and he loved it so much we definitely have some more cloud themed playtimes in our future to share...

In the meantime, check out all the great posts linked up here and as always feel free to link up your own weather themed playtimes. Sunshine... April Showers... rainbows we love them all. I am totally hoping to see some smog themed fun here too!



  1. Great quick thinking! Love the clouds in tubs.

  2. We love this book. I've got all the necessary equipment so think we'll be doing this tomorrow!

  3. Awesome! Those styrofoam peanuts are a coveted item in our house. My 14 year old HID his supply of them because he knew I'd want them for the daycare! He hid them well too! I still haven't found them! LOL

  4. Love the pic of him enjoying it as a full body sensory experience! I love kids!!! Little Cloud is a great link up.


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