Saturday, 24 March 2012

a Technicolour Splash (Guest Post from At Home with Ali)

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I am thrilled to have the lovely Ali of At Home With Ali guest-posting her colourful messy playtime today! Ali's blog is full of play inspiration, with a 4 year old and a 20 month old there is plenty of fun for big and littlies to enjoy. Lately I'm loving these Sticker Monsters and you should check out her super awesome small worlds, including a mini campsite and (my alltime favourite) an oil rig! Check her out on Facebook and Pinterest too.


I decided to make some goop with my two kids. We took a packet of cornflour, a tub of water and assorted bottles of food colouring outside as the sun was shining. Goop is a wonderfully tactile sensory experience for kids – Charlotte has the recipe in her Glow in the Dark Slime post.

However, I let my 4 year old add the water to the corn flour. She added way too much so our goop was very watery and not goopy at all. This did not deter her enthusiasm. She simply picked up the tub and poured it onto the pavers – this created a big splash of colour. Both kids jumped up and down in excitement and wanted to do this over and over again. So we did, until we ran out of cornflour. We used a different food colouring for each splash and made a lovely patchwork of colour.


Being a warm day, the cornflour mix dried quickly. It had a wonderful smooth, velvet texture and the kids could make marks in it with a stick. It was a lovely activity that both my eldest and youngest daughters could enjoy together... and it hosed off easily at the end of play.

- Ali from At Home With Ali


  1. Oh, how fun! I love this twist on Goop

  2. What a clever way to follow her lead and make this even more creative. I love this.

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