Monday, 12 March 2012

Rainbow Threading Box - Kids Art Explorers

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We're joining in with Nurturestore's Kid's Art Explorers Project - this month's prompt is yarn...


I love to knit, so I figured this project would suit us. I have a bag full of balls of wool, scraps leftover from projects and half finished bits of scarves and baby booties. But rooting through my knitting bag I was overcome with a mild depression. Not just because of the several unfinished hopeless proejcts, but the severe lack of colour. You might not realise it from this little blogspace, but I am a navy black and grey kinda girl. My knitting bag with it's 'Nightsky Doubleweave' and 'Fingerling in Marl' definitely reflects that.

Needless to say when I set out a couple of balls of Chunky Knit in Charcoal the kiddos were less than inspired, so I had to search a  little deeper for a little more colour. Although it's not technically yarn, I found this rainbow cord I thought would work. The kiddos loved it, the first thing Vinnie did was try to thread it through the holes in the top of his toolbox (an old shoebox he stabbed repeatedly with a Phillips Screwdriver). So I figured I'd run with it (the weaving bit, not the sociopathic screwdriver action) and punched some holes along this cardboard tray I had in the recycling. I coloured in the bottom, because secretly under all this doom there is a rainbow bursting to get out and because I thought I could pass this off as a vague St Patricks Day activity too...

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  1. great activity that we can use things we already have to create!


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