Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Mother's Day Memory Book (Guest Post from Crayon Freckles)

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I'm so thrilled to introduce one of my favourite bloggers to you guys today. Andie from Crayon Freckles is one of those people I think I would be friends with outside of the blogging world, I even think our kids would be friends. When you're done here you should check out her posts on Promoting Language Development in Preschoolers, Lego Maths and Teaching a Left-Handed Child. You can find Crayon Freckles on Facebook, Pinterest and Etsy - I think you'll love her as much as I do!


Mothering Day is just around the
corner.  as a mom myself, the best presents from my
children aren't those
that are bought in a store, they are the ones that are made by the littLE haNDs i love. 

here's an idea
for a simple Mothering Day
that can be done to celebrate the relationship between
mother and child.

create a MeMoRY bOOk that records mother
and child's thoughts about each other.  the bonus about this gift is that
not only is it tangible, it provides time for mothers to bond with their
children on-one-one.  
you can use a
scrapbook, photo album, a regular notebook, etc.  it doesn't have to be
neat and perfect.  all of the pages needn't be done right away
either.  there's no rush.  pages can be done as time allows. 

the book is not really the gift.
the gift is the promise the book holds.

the promise is
of time for mother and child to sit down and bond with each other. these
books can be added to through the years.  and who knows?  maybe they'll end up
being heirlooms. 

some page
ideas are:
  • You make me
  • The things I
    like to do with you are...
  • My favorite
    thing about you is...
  • 3 words I would
    use to describe you are...
  • You make the
  • You are
    silliest when you...
  • The book I like
    to read with you is...
above or below
the pictures can be drawings or photographs that demonstrate what the statements
are expressing.

here's a
digital example that i made up for my son and i

i hope that this is
something that inspires you to create memories for Mothering Day and
the days that follow.

Andie is an ECED educator turned SAHM.  When she's not playing with playdough,
splattering paint on her clothes, or digging in the dirt, she creating posts for
her blog, Crayon Freckles


  1. Oh, I love this so much! It is so sweet! My preschooler has been SO lovey lately, and I know we would both really enjoy this.

  2. thanks so much for letting me guest post!


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