Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Masking Tape Racetrack

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I've seen the idea of tape tracks all over Pinterest (Hands On : As We Grow and Modern Parents Messy Kids have some cool versions) so when I found a roll of black insulating tape in David's toolbox I knew what I wanted it for (not securing wires or some handy kinda thing like that!)

After I stuck down our tracks I used a Tippex pen to drow on lines and details... here's the starting grid and (sort of) chequered flag...

Fillmore's Pit-Stop - by sure to check out his organic biofuel

I am told that racetracks need smooth curves and probably don't have roundabouts in the middle of them... I say pretend play has little time for realism right?

p.s. please excuse my somewhat grimy and awfully patterned kitchen floor!


  1. I love those. It looks like great fun!

  2. Looks so fun! Thanks for sharing with Tuesday Tots! I have pinned it to the Tuesday Tot board :)

  3. Love it! Must add those fine details next time we give this a try. Thanks for sharing at the Weekly Kids Co-op.

  4. fun, fun, fun!!! Love your racetrack :) Thanks for sharing this as well.

  5. Wow!! my lil one would spends hours on this! Going to use your idea :)

  6. Oh this is a great project! So clever and well done.


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