Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Homemade Moss Paint (Guest Post by Small & Friendly)

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Good morning friends, while I am getting back into the swing of things blog-wise I am super happy to have Carla of Small & Friendly sharing their outdoor art time with us today! I first came across Carla's blog through a post called A Feminist on Raising a Boy (you know this speaks to me right) and fell in love with her photos and writing style. Check out her son's inspiring play kitchen, art-space and his envy worthy reading fort. You can find Small & Friendly on Facebook and Pinterest too.

Hi there, my name is Carla and I blog about my adventures in modern homemaking at Small & Friendly.  I am thrilled to be guest posting here today.


I'd like to share a really great spring activity: Moss Painting.  The wet weather makes for ideal moss growing conditions and this simple DIY paint insures hours of fun and lots of learning.  The fun starts with a moss hunt.  You will need about two cups, we found plenty on the walnut tree in our front yard.


To make the paint: blend moss, 1 cup of plain yogurt, a splash of water, and a teaspoon of sugar until smooth.  (This recipe based off of this one which calls for buttermilk or beer, the active cultures in the yogurt should do the same trick.)  Then, simply paint anywhere outside.


I had my son guess where he thought it would grow.  We tried many different spots, so that in the coming weeks we can learn more about moss and where it thrives.  


I couldn't resist getting in on the fun.  Such a simple, cheap, easy way to enjoy a beautiful spring day.  The painting will need to be spritzed with a water bottle each day, another activity most little ones love.  Wishing everyone a mossy spring!

Thanks again Charlotte for having me!        Carla - Small & Friendly 


  1. Love this! Just pinned! A great project to get children outdoors—and learn about science, with a little experimenting, at the same time! -heather

  2. can you use preserved sheet moss by Super Moss or do you need to use live moss?


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