Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Cut and Snip Tray

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I recently read how, when they start school, the average boy is almost a year behind his female classmates in terms of fine motor skills. My first thought was 'my poor boy, I must shield him from this perceived potential failure!'... my second thought was 'not my boy!' 

Vin is pretty much always after my scissors, so I got him a pair of his own and put together a little tray of things to snip and tear.


I raided my paper stash and picked as many different colours and textures as I could find. I cut them into thin strips that he could snip through in one go, some wavy lines and some with pinking shears and made sure there was nothing too tough to chop through.

He was soo into this, my floor looked like a massacre in a stationery shop after he was done but it was worth it for the smiles when I handed him a pair of his very own scissors! I have been restocking the tray as we get through supplies, cereal box cardboard has been a favourite and drinking straws shoot off round the room in a most satisfying manner when they are cut.

How do your kids like to work their fine motor skills?


  1. Nice to see that your son our doing such crafty things.From these experience it will enhance his talents to become more creative and decorative.

  2. My 2 year old little boys loves his scissors, and we have an old wipe box that looks much like this at our house. My little one also likes to cut up the ads from the newspaper especially the toy and food ones.

  3. Hi, Charlotte! I'm your newest your blog! You are doing such great things with your son. It's a wonderful thing, putting scissors in his hands! It's great to see a mom out there not afraid of scissors or "getting messy"! :)

  4. This is such a great idea, Charlotte! A couple of my Hooligans LOVE cutting! I need to put together a bin like this so we can contain and re-use all the pieces. I think I'll work on that today! Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Love this Charlotte! Aodhan hearts scissors as well. I too have read this, and then read further that in Finland they have success with boys (and girls) not starting school until age 7 and that this puts everyone on an even for thought. Stopping by from Kid's Co-op.


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