Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Building With Bricks - One for the Boys

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Ahh yes, a bunch of rocks and sticks... No wait, this is a post about fun I promise you. Well, rocks and sticks are fun if you're a little boy!

I saw this post on our collaborative For the BOYS Pinboard (a must-see for mamas of little boys!) about building with real bricks and knew Vin would love it. We don't have a garden and I figured carrying a sackful of bricks to the park wasn't an option, so we scouted around to see what we could find. It's amazing how many slabs of concrete, bits of roof tile and half bricks were lying around the edges of our local play area!

I purposely picked smaller stones and bricks that wouldn't be soo heavy Vin couldn't lift them, but I did want him to have to work a little. Most of them didn't have smooth edges so balancing and stacking became about problem solving too.

After we built towers Vin was inspired to build a wall to connect them (like a castle, he instructed) ... I let him run with this and he really got into making sure everything was in it's proper place!

What do you think, is this something you'd let your kiddos play with?


  1. We love rocks & sticks in our house too! :D Love Vin's creations, especially that wall! Thanks for adding a link back to our brick post. :)

  2. My little ones love playing with rocks,too! Lovely post! :)

  3. Excellent! Check out artist Andy Goldsworthy in you get a chance!
    We created with rocks in these 2 posts:



  4. Such a simple but great idea. I can just imagine the castles and mountains my little guy would have created. I love it! I'll be featuring it in my Kids Co-Op post tomorrow. Thanks for linking up with us last week. :)


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