Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Shaving Foam Bath Paint

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Shaving Foam Bath Paint RECIPE

I know this isn't the most groundbreaking of projects, but it was soo much fun and requested again the following night!


You know we love a bit of messy play in our house, but I hate the tidy-up time that follows. Which is why I love this shaving foam bath paint - Messy Play that cleans up in seconds - and the ultimate in process art.


All it takes is a squirt of shaving foam, mixed with a few drops of food colouring - then add small child and bath-full of water. Sometimes Vin is reluctant to get his hands dirty (I know, my child?!) so I considered giving him a brush to paint with, but he was happy getting his hands right in.


He painted the tub, tiles and himself and was left with violet coloured bathwater with multicoloured foam when he was done! I gave the bath an extra rinse after he got out and anything remotely messy was washed away - perfect kind of tidy-up time if you ask me!

p.s. have you checked out our Play in the Bath Pinboard - lots of ideas to make bathtime fun!


  1. Did the food coloring stain his hands?

    1. No staining - I find it only really stains my nails when it is neat, if it is mixed with something I never get a problem!

  2. Oh, I loved the shaving cream bath paints The Imagination Tree made! They've inspired lots of bath time play in our house too!:)

    1. I saw that post this morning - I love her pastel versions, very sweet and girly!

  3. I love this idea, thank you - one to try tonight for sure (never mind my son's bath, I want a go too!). Have just discovered your blog and I love it; you're so inventive!

  4. We made this today. Just one colour for our 16 month old. He loved every moment of it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Can't wait until next Friday for waterday to try with with my preschool class!

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