Thursday, 2 February 2012

Rainbow Colour Matching Sticks

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In my endeavours to raise a child-genius I completely failed to notice that Little Vin has moved on from basic colour recognition and is starting to categorise and sort things by colour. I noticed it first with his dinosaurs (of which I only teach him the Latin names, naturally) that instead of sorting them by prehistoric eras as I had shown him, he was categorising them by skintone - obviously I was neglecting this burgeoning aesthetic side in my artistic prodigy so I took Sharpie to popsicle stick to rectify the situation post haste!*

I have seen so many colour matching games - with clothes pegs and paintchips and all sorts of fun things. I thought I'd do a trial run before I go raiding the local hardware shop!

We played with the set of paints first, I handed him a stick, he named the colour and put it with it's match, then we got the blocks out...

I left the sticks out on the table and later I came across this little spontaneous colour matching in the kiddos snack tray:

I was so tickled finding this - it's like a little glimpse into their brain workings, and a reminder how easy and quick learning can be when it's fun!

Later we played a game of 'hide and seek' I hid a stick with a matching colour in the room and he had to look for it - I don't know that he really 'got' this part, but we had lots of fun turning the room upside down looking for sticks!

I'm pretty sure I could use dinosaurs to teach anything from science, maths, art and my little man would always be up for it!

*ps friends, please forgive my terrible sarcasm in the first paragraph of this post, if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you might know I recieved my first openly critical response from a blog post - about me 'schooling' the kids and my "pushy parenting." I decided not to reply as I guess this person probably isn't the kind of person who would be responsive to an informed debate, but I figured I'd scare off any potential critics with my damaging parenting style before we get to all the fun bits!


  1. I did get the color cards from Lowes... but after seeing this, I think I am going to use this method. Love it! Easier for me too.. :) Thanks! I am a new follower.

  2. these are brilliant. I love the one on the dinosaur

  3. This is a fabulous idea! My daughter is identifying more and more colours now too! I will definitely use this idea and I've pinned it on Pinterest! :) I'm also following your fabulous blog now! Please come and say at Just For Daisy! x


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