Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pretend Play Props - DIY Wizards Wands

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Ever since Vin and I went to see my other half in his latest show Vin has been really into pretend play. D has a sword in the show and every day as he leaves for work Vin tells me "daddy going work, daddy chop boys with sword" (he also thinks his dad goes to work to earn chocolate coins, but that's another story) - literally from the minute we got home he picked up a stick and ran around the house chopping things and yelling.

I decided to expand on his newfound pretend play and made the kiddos some magic wands. I saw this project forever ago, but this was before I was pinning or blogging and I didn't even write the idea down so I have no idea who to credit (sorry - bad blogging etiquette!)


The kiddos collected some nice straight-ish sticks when we were out at the park. When we got in I rubbed them down with sandpaper and smoothed over the ends to get rid of any rough bits. Then I covered some string in PVA Glue, squeezed the excess off and wrapped it around the end of my stick in a kind of twisty pattern. I left them on a sheet of baking parchment overnight and the next day I coloured in the stick with metallic markers (sharpies are my fave)


I really love the idea of a dressing up box - (when we were little my brother and I had a suitcase filled with our mom and dad's 80's cast-offs - all spiky belts and elbow length fishnet gloves!) but I don't think we have the space, and as it is an ordeal getting Vinnie dressed in anything that doesn't have a dinosaur on it, I guess it's not the best idea right now. Instead I plan to put together a little props basket, so the kiddos can enjoy some pretend play that way. I'm thinking a stethoscope for playing doctors, maybe some hats, a sword and an eye patch.

What would you include? 


  1. Felt masks are an easy to make costume that doesn't take up too much space and you can easily find inspiration online for whatever type of mask you think your child would most like :)

  2. Great wands! We might have to add some to our dress-up drawers. Thanks for sharing them on It's Playtime.

  3. Fantabulous. I have a feeling you might appreciate the wand we made as a gift for one of Max's friends (who also appreciates wands).

  4. Love it! My boys would adore this. They are so into Harry Potter right now. Stopping by from No Time For Flashcards link-up. Thanks for a great idea. :-)

  5. Love it! I just made a Harry Potter/Hogwarts unit study for my daughter and I'm going to pin this on the board for it on Pinterest.

    Stopping by from No Time For Flashcards

  6. What fun wands. Thanks so much for sharing them at Share at the Zoo Saturday.


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