Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pretend Play Cooking

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pretend cooking with real ingredients

Last week I was faced with a rainy afternoon and three toddlers to placate entertain. I figured I'd bite the bullet and we'd do something potentially messy and as I wandered around my kitchen I realised it had been so long since Vin and I had done any pretend cooking. When he was little I would give him a bowl of dried pasta or oats and a wooden spoon, but I was inspired by this post from Play Create Explore to hunt around the kitchen for some new fun ingredients.

toddler play cooking

Here's what I came up with : rice, carrot chunks, seeds, ground coffee, nuts, slices of raw ginger, chunks of stale bread, rocket leaves, ice cream cones and a little jug of water that I coloured yellow. Inspired by the original post using cascarones (confetti eggs) I put some plastic eggs we use as shakers from our music box into an old egg carton to crack open - the kids were delighted to find them full of popcorn kernels and cous cous. I also gave them some pans, muffin cases, a loaf tin and liner, a whisk, spoons, a sieve, muffin tin and a couple of mixing bowls to go crazy with.

imaginative play cooking

As you can see they all got busy making disgusting looking concoctions. I love how focussed each of them were making rocket and coffee cupcakes, boiling ice cream cones and breadcrumb and ginger loaves!

pretend play with food


  1. I read that post too and definitely want to try this with my little boy! Looks like so much fun!

  2. That looks like GREAT fun. We must do more of this ourselves!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  3. how have i not commented on this? i swear i did when i read it the first time... silly mommy brain. at any rate, this looks like such fun! what a great way to explore different colors, textures, and tastes!

  4. Defo going to do this tomorrow, thank you

  5. Thanks. Doing this tomorrow! Nickole via miss Allison's art.


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