Friday, 3 February 2012

Painted rocks, story stones and making the streets beautiful

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Since Vin is big on collecting things lately, we are amassing a vast collection of sticks and stones and other bits of park. The sticks got a fun makeover I plan to share later this week, but today I thought I'd share our stone paintings.

I had in mind that we would use these as story stones, but I was so paranoid about the kiddos chucking one through our flatscreen or the glass table it is sitting on I found it hard to relax when they were playing with them. I'm pretty sure they didn't really 'get' it just yet anyway.

So I took inspiration from Red Ted Art and we hid our little friends around the park!

You guys know I love a bit of street art - it just makes me so happy to see colour and beauty in unexpected place! I think this rainbow in a crack on the wall is my favourite.

Vin didn't really understand why we were leaving his new pets on the floor, he followed me picking them up and I found two in his coat pocket later!

I love the idea of taking something from the park, then putting it back that little bit more beautiful. I have seen all sorts of inspiring projects with pot-hole gardens and teeny playmobil scenes in the nooks and crannies of London streets. I hope a little kid found these and made up their own stories about how they got there - fairies maybe?


  1. I really love this idea, the rocks are beautiful.
    One time my girls and I found some land art at the park and it really made us smile to find something so special. You don't see stuff like that everyday :)

  2. What a lovely idea to leave them in the park. My sister in law is an artist and painted some amazing story stones for my daughter. She too is a little young to create an elaborate story. I love that you left them for others to find! How special... (anyway I must get back to work!) x


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