Monday, 6 February 2012

My Best Ever Meal - by Vincent

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Here’s our entry into the Appliances Online Cookers Yummy Food competition. This was such a fun competition hosted by my favourite play-blog Nurturestore - the challenge, to get your kiddo to design their best ever meal.

Let me tell you how our brainstorming went...

Me: "Hey Vinnie, what is your favouritest thing to eat for dinner?"
Vin: (without pause) "Toast Dinner!"
Me: "Roast dinner?" (it is mine and his dad's favourite, we have one every week) "You mean like chicken and potatoes and gravy?"
Vin: "No chicken. Toast and gravy"
Me: "ahh, ummm... oh kay"

So yes my friends, my kid is a culinary eccentric genius. I present to you the toast dinner...

We made the toast by using a kitchen sponge cloth to print marker-pen onto brown paper (inspired by the lovely Mister Maker!), then Vin insisted on crusts (though I always have to cut the off for him) so I coloured his fingers and he smudged around the edges of his toast.

I cut out a gravy boat and Vin coloured it in (all our china is blue and white at home too) then we cut out some brown felt and he stuck it down to the plate...

Then he decides to add Cheerios - because what meal isn't improved with Cheerios right?? He did later pick off the Cheerios and eat them PVA glue and all.

I suggested he could include dessert with  his dinner (every kid's dream right?) he asked for strawberries and chocolates - we used some of our Valentines playdough - post coming later in the week - and an icecube mold to make the strawberries and some leftover sweetie wrappers from the collage box wrapped around more playdough (inspired by The Imagination Tree) to make chocolates.

I think he looks pleased with his creation right?

After seeing the other entrants' pizza, sausages and haggis delicacies I am fully convinced of my son's bizarre eating habits!! Head on over to Nurturestore to check out the other entries - you have till midnight Tuesday 7th February to enter!

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  1. Oh I missed that! Love your creation, Vinnie looks so happy!


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