Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Learning Numbers with Jelly

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We're going on a number hunt... it's going to be a messy one... mama's a little scared!
Uh-Oh Jelly. Slimey squishy Jelly... we can't go under it, we can't go over it...
oh no we've got to go through it!

Isn't that face so worth any amount of cleaning up and picking bits of dried gelatine out of your hair for?

Vinnie is very good with counting out loud, but he doesn't recognise all of the numbers just yet. After we were practising the letter 's' last week he kept bringing me number fives from his magnetic letter set and asking 'is this ess?' so I thought we would use them for some number practise.

I had this packet of jelly leftover from when we played with Jelly Snakes - four months ago (and it has taken me that long to forget that ordeal and try again!)

I set the jelly in layers so the numbers were distributed all the way through, and carefully placed them around the edges and on top - I needn't have bothered though because the first thing he did was plunge a spoon into the middle and mix it all up!

I put out the tongs to practise picking up the letters, my free spirit wanted to pick up the jelly with them. He got frustrated with that and pretty soon this happened...

I guess this is what they mean by sensory play though right?

All in all, I'm not sure this was the intensive number training exercise I was planning. I'm almost entirely sure he has not mastered the nine times tables yet and I'm dreading his preschool-algebra exam results after this performance!

Hope you liked our hardcore number practise. Is this something you would try with your kiddos - honestly, the clean up wasn't so bad!


  1. This is awesome! And that face is SO worth it! I've been wanting to get some jello for my daughter to play in!

  2. My girls would lvoe this activity. I love it. : ) I would love it if you shared this at my linky party. I am looking for fun, frugal, kid-friendly activities.

  3. wow that looks fun. i tried this with cars in jelly but i put the jelly in the fridge and it was so cold Goblin didn't want to play with it. you've inspired me, i'll have to try again with warmer jelly.

  4. my kids love sensory play with Jell-O! your looks so beautiful that I wanted to play in it!! :)


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