Friday, 24 February 2012

Iceboats Sensory Play

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ice sensory play

This little project is a real collaboration of inspirations. It came about when Vinnie asked me if he could play iceskating. He's never been iceskating and I am pretty sure he must have learnt this from Peppa Pig, so I was kind of stumped how we could play. Then I remembered Rainy Day Mum's Frozen Lake playtime - so I mixed up some blue water and popped it in the freezer...

iceboats sensory play

...where it sat for quite a while, because I couldn't think of anything to do with it. Then I saw this mini ice-skating rink from Play Create Explore and loved their popsicle stick figures, but I don't have a traditional cube shaped ice tray (I do have heart, strawberry, fish and t-rex fossil shaped ice cube trays though!) Then I remembered a comment someone made on our Coloured Ice in the Bath post about making iceboats... and eventually I had purpose for our tupperware container of blue ice!

Sensory play for preschoolers

The boats skidded and slid over the surface of our 'lake' and I explained to Vinnie that this was how iceskating would work - I'd love to take him iceskating sometime soon, but I can't trust that he won't turn into a t-rex and charge headlong into a wall or something just yet!


  1. how fun is this? totally awesome! going to save it and provide it as an extra link next week when we do our sink/float activity!

  2. What fun boats! Shared here


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