Monday, 13 February 2012

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Truffles

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For our Valentines Sensory Play we are doing a little activity each day focussing on one sense. Today is taste - and of course being Valentines it had to be chocolates!

Normally I would melt the chocolate in the top of my steamer and be really paranoid about Vin touching anything and burning himself, but thanks to Pre-School Play I have found the perfect method for melting chocolate with kiddos. In her post Cathy wrapped her chocs in foil and added boiling water, I used a freezer bag and after about five minutes the chocolate was lovely and melted, I just snipped off the corner of the ziploc and Vin squeezed the choc into a bowl.

We mixed the melted chocolate with double cream to make a ganache and poured it into our molds before letting the truffle mixture set in the fridge... turns out they were a little too gooey to pop out of the molds, so we served them in their little cups like a fondant pot.

We used some edible red glitter and crushed up honeycomb to sprinkle over our little sweeties and ate them after our family dinner on Sunday.

I think this is the perfect way to explore taste no?


  1. cathy@pre-schoolplay13 February 2012 at 12:25

    Wow yours look really good :-) Doing ours this afternoon!

  2. Yum! Makes me want to make some chocolates :)

  3. To make your chocolates set more it depends on how much cream you use in the recipe. 1 part choco to 1 part cream is adequate, if you would like it a bit more firm use more choco vs cream~


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